Commissioned Research Projects, Project Assistance And Consultancies
(Some On Personal Title Of Staff Member)

Year Project Name
1995 - 1996 Interdisciplinary Research Project On Ethnic Groups In Cambodia
Report IREGC Introduction
Report Cham
Report Ethnic Chinese
Report Vietnamese
Report Lao
Report Highlanders
1995 - 1997 Cambodia Reports (PSRA-1995/CAS-1996)
Introductory Issue
Ethnic Groups In Cambodia
Buddhism In Cambodia
Gender Issues In Cambodia
Legal And Political Development In Cambodia
1996 - 1997 The Reinforcement Of English Language Instruction Faculty Of
1997 Country Profile Study On Women In Development In Cambodia(JICA)
A Multipurpose Primary School Construction Project In Lower Kampong Chhnang
Province Survivors In Cambodia(JICA)
CNGO And Wat Government Structures(PACT)
Dynamics Of Dispute Resolution And Administration Of Justice For Cambodian
Gender Issues In Cambodia
1997-1998 Improvement Of The Road Construction Center In Cambodia(JICA)
1998 Trafficking Of Vietnamese Women And Children To Cambodia(IOM/CRS/WVI)
Reintegration Of Victims Of Trafficking In Cambodia(IOM/CRS/WVI)
Voter Awareness Baseline Survey(DFID)
Grassroots Civil Society In Cambodia(Forym Syd/Diakonia)
From Pig Rearing To Stock Marketing Rice Milling, A Broad Spectrum Of
Entrepreneurial Activities(TAF)
Overview Of Rice Millers Associations In North West Cambodia(UNDP/CARERE)
1998-1999 The Portrayal Of Domestic Violence In Cambodian Newspapers(PADV)
1999 An Overview Of The Brick And Tile Manufacturing Industry In North West Cambodia(UNDP/CARERE)
The UNDP/CARERE Local Planning Process: Reinforcing Civil Society (Case Studies From Battambang)(UNCDF)
Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of CICR Training Programs In The Areas Of Democratic Governance And Elections(TAF)
Evaluation Of The Impact Of CIHR Training For SEILA Participants In Principles Of Management And Good Governance(UNDP/CARERE)
From Pig Rearing To Stock Marketing Rice Milling, A Broad Spectrum Of
Entrepreneurial Activities(TAF)
Medical Practitioners And Traditional Healers: A Study Of Health Seeking Behavior In Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia(WHO)
Local Non-Government Organizations: Selection Criteria Used By Funding Organizations(JICA)
Democratic Processes Of Participation And The Growth Of Civil Society: Four Case Studies In Banan And Bavel Districts(TAF/CRS)
2000 Care And Support For People With HIV/AIDS Phnom Penh, Battambang And Banteay Meanchey(JICA)
Mental Health Of Landmine Survivors In Cambodia(JICA)
Credit And Landlessness: Impact Of Credit Access On Landlessness In Cheung Prey And Battambang Districts(OXFAM)
Employment In ILO Supported Road Construction And Maintenance(ILO)
2001 Voter Awareness Impact Survey In Kandal And Kampong Speu Provinces(TAF)
Child Work And Child Labour In The Fisheries In Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia(ILO/IPEC)
Child Work And Child Labour In The Fisheries In Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia(ILO/IPEC)
Evaluation Of Farm Level Impact Of Barai Irrigation System(ILO)
Local Consultant For Ethnic Minority/Indigenous Peoples And Poverty Reduction(ADB )
An Overview Of Child Labour In Illicit Drug Abuse And Trafficking In Cambodia(ILO/IPEC)
Study Into The Socio-Economic Impact Of The Local Development Fund/Local Planning Process 1996-2000(UNCDF/Sheila)
2002 Research Support For The World Vision Children At Risk Asia Region Research(WVI)
Survey On Review Of The Provincial Investment Fund(PLG/Sheila )
Facilitation For International Consultants During Their Visits To Pilot Sites Of The WIN And SPFS Project(FAO)
Greater Involvement And Effectiveness Of Buddhisht Institutions (GIEBI): A Pre-Feasibility For UNV(UNDP/UNV)
2002-2004 Strengthening Research Capacity In The Buddhist Institute(OSIDF)
2002-2005 Operational Research In STI And Related Services For Women In High-Risk Situations In Cambodia And Thailand (EC INCO-DEV programme )
2003 Voter Awareness Impact Survey In Kandal And Kampong Speu Provinces(TAF)Cambodia National Government Elections 2003: Voter Education Survey (With Charney Research New York And AC Nielsen, Jakarta)(TAF)
Integrated Vocational Training And Income Generation Research Project, O'Chrov District, Bantey Meanchey (With Lucid Cube And BNC)(ZOA)
Domestic Violence And The Cambodian Concept Of Masculinity(PADV )
Research Assistance To Media Survey For The Promotion Of Provincial Media In Cambodia Project (With DMC/RUPP)(CCJ/KAF)
General Site Assessments For The International HIV/AIDS Alliance Frontiers Prevention Program(Aidsalliance )
Household Survey For The Social Impact Analysis Of The Koh Kong Industrial Estate Project(UNDP)
Household Survey For Angkor Thom Program (With ECR)-(Plan International)
Public Opinion Survey On Judicial Independence And Accountability(TAF)Research Assistance To Media Survey For The Promotion Of Provincial Media In Cambodia Project (With DMC/RUPP)(CCJ/KAF)
Research Assistance To Cambodia National Government Elections 2003: Pre-Election Survey(TAF)
Research Assistance For The Cambodian Case Study For The International Girl Child Research Project(WVI)
Qualitative Study For The Field Testing Of Care And Support Indicators(FHI)
Routine Immunization Coverage Cluster Survey In Two Ods In Kampong Cham(CVP/PATH/MoH)
2003-2004 The Economic Impact And Needs Of HIV/AIDS Orphans On Families And Caretakers(POLICY Project)
Cross-Border Economy Socio-Economic Household Survey (With CDRI And The Regional Development Analysis Network - DAN)(Rockefeller Foundation)
2004 Evaluation Of The Public Awareness-Raising Campaign Using Bassac And Ayai Performances For The Project "Targeted Assistance For Education Of Poor Girls And(MoEYS/ADB)
Children In Ethnic Minority Areas (With IDP Australia And Sovanna Phum)(TAF)
Local Level Conflict And Conflict Resolution Mechanisms Survey (With SWS, Philippines)(ANRS )
Les Politiques De Soins Pour Le Sida Au Cambodge: Perception, Mise En Oeuvre, Obstacles(Aidsalliance )
Qualitative Outcome Evaluation Baseline For The International HIV/AIDS Alliance Frontiers Prevention Program (IRI)
National Baseline Study Cambodian Voters (DANIDA)
National Corruption Survey (With CSD) (ZOA)
Participatory Review Of Five Years Of Research, Monitoring And Evaluation Data About Poipet: Relevance To Impact Assessment(TAF/Sri Lanka)
Research Consultancy For The Sri Lankan Country Study: Public Opinion Survey On Judicial Independence And Accountability(EWMI)
Evaluation Of The Legal Training Materials 'Play Your Rights' (With Star Kampuchea, IDP Australia, CLEC And Sovannaphum)(TAF)
Assessing Barriers To Domestic Trade In Cambodia(ILO/IPEC)
Survey On Child Labor In Fisheries In Kampot And Kep(UNESCO)
Evaluation Of Pilot Shadow Puppet Performances On Drug Awareness & HIV Vulnerability Messages For Marginalized Youth (With Sovannaphum & Mith Samlanh)(WVI)
Baseline Survey For Bamboo Shoot Children's Centre(Plan International)
2004-2005 Facilitating And Analyzing Focus Group Discussion For The Situation Assessment And Feasibility Study In Damber And Memut Districts, Kg Cham(Japan Foundation)
2005 Developing Cultural Indicators For Survey Research (With SWS, Philippines & KPI, Thailand)(TAF)
Mapping The Cambodian Silk Sector & Identifying Employment Generation Opportunities(GTZ)
Evaluation Of Most Vulnerable Families Listing Process Kampong Thom(JICA)
Mapping Of Capacity & Current Activities Of Social Service Providers For Skills Training To Demobilized Soldiers In Otdar Meanchey, Kampot & Svay Rieng(ILO)
Indigenous And Tribal Peoples' Participation In Poverty Reduction Efforts In Cambodia(WVI)
Mid-Term Review Of Phnom Pernh Street Children Project(WVI)
Mid-Term Review Of Children At High Risk Prevention Project In Kampong Thom And Kampong Chhnang(National Immunization Program)
Numerator Check In 6 Provinces(GTZ)
Evaluation Of Most Vulnerable Families List Kampot; Comparison Of Different Poverty Identification Methods Currently Used In Cambodia(URC)
Survey Of Ex-Inpatients From The Municipal Hospital In Phnom Penh(URC)
A Study Of Beneficiary Perceptions Of The Fairness Of Equity Fund Pre-Identification Methods (WB)
Initial Research Activities Justice For The Poor Program (J4P)(GTZ)
Hospital Client Satisfaction Survey (Kampot And Kampong Thom Referreal Hospitals(WHO)
Assessment Of Financial Access To Health Services In Cambodia: Two Case Studies In Urban And Rural Setting(TI)
2005-2006 TI Corruption Barometer2005 (With CSD)(TAF)
2005-2007 Participatory Trafficking Research Review (PTRR)(Rockefeller)
Learning How To Make Urban Health Services Work For The Poor (With USG)(EED)
2005-2008 How To Promote Reconciliation 20 Years After The Khmer Rouge Beyond The Glare Of The Khmer Rouge Tribunal (EC/INCO-STREP programme)
2006 Protecting The Rural Poor Against The Economic Consequences Of Major Illness: A Challenge For Asian Transitional Economies (POVILL)(WB)
Follow Up Research Activities Justice For The Poor Program (J4P)(Rockefeller)
Ethnic Minority Groups In Cambodia: On The Job Research Training (JICA)
Development Of English And Khmer Gender Terminologies (Rockefeller Foundation)
Pro-Poor Tourism In The GMS Region: Siem Riep HH Survey (With CDRI And The Regional Development Analysis Network - DAN)(Gallup)
World poll 2006(IRI)
National Public Opinion Survey(IRI)
Second National Public Opinion Survey(GTZ)
External Evaluation Of The Cadastral Commissions' Performance Based Pilot (With J4P)(USIP)
The Effect Of The Khmer Rouge Trials On Cambodia: Nationally Representative Baseline For A Panel Study(TDF)
2006-2010 Asia Barometer Survey - Public Opinions On Political Values, Democracy And Governance (2nd Wave) (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
2007 Tracking Development: Diverging Paths To Prosperity And Poverty. Sub-Saharan Africa And Southeast Asia In Comparative Perspective (WB)
Civil Society Assessment(ILO)
Social Protection For The Urban Poor(IRI)
Third National Public Opinion Survey(NDI)
First Voter Registration Audit(ILO)
Cambodian Migrants Worker To Thailand(PACT)
2008 Citizen Satisfaction Survey(BSIC)
Assessment On Code Of Conduct For Beer Promoters To Help Improve The Safety And Working Conditions For Beer Promoters In Cambodia(IRI)
National Public Opinion Survey(NDI)
VRA I(Duke University)
Asian Barometer(LHSPH)
Trust In CBHI 1(NDI)
Cambodian Voice(NDI)
PVT(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nederland)
Tracking Development(LHSPH)
Trust In CBHI 2(UNC-CH)
Mental Health Affect Of KR Tribunal(USAID)
Benchmark Survey(IRI)
National Poll(BSIC)
2009 Monitoring Study(ICCO Netherland)
HH Survey On Impact Of CBHI On Health Seeking Behavior. Health Care Expenditure, Access To And Utulization Of Public Health Care Services(WHO)
Draft Regional Strategy For Health System Strengthening And Primary Health Care(IRI)
National Poll(NRC)
ASEAN Barometer(UNAIDS/UNDP/Sanigest International)
Socio-Economic Impact On HIV Family(NIP)
At Risk Population And Immunization(VNG)
2009-2012 Assessment On Commune Council Needs And Challenges(EU)
1999-2000 HEFPA (Health Equity And Financial Protection In Asia)(DFID)
Voter Awareness Impact Survey(ADB)
2000-2001 Local Consultant For Strengthening The Capacity To Address The Health And Education Needs Of Ethnic Minorities In The GMS(TAF)
2001-2002 Democracy In Cambodia: A Survey Of The Cambodian Electorate (With Charney Research New York And AC Nielsen, Jakarta)(UNDP/UNV)
Volunteering At Grassroots Level In Cambodia(PSF)
2002-2003 Survey On Health Seeking Behaviour Of Women Working In The Entertainment Sector In Phnom Penh(Coffey Philippines Inc/Ministry of health/WB/ADB )
Cambodia Disease Control And Health Development Project: Final Evaluation Survey & Nationally Representative Health Survey (The Toyota Foundation)
2010 Ordination Ceremony Of Buddhist Monks In Cambodia: Past And Present(NLC/S)
Workshop Facilitation On Commune Council Needs And Challenges(IRI)
National Poll(WHO)
2010-2011 Identification Of Priority Policy Research Questions In The Area Of Access To And Use Of Medicines(DED)
Cambodian Voice Second Wave(UNC-CH)
Mental Health Affect Of KR Tribunal Second Wave(IRI)
Impact Evaluation Of Democracy Training Program For Youth On Civic Participation With Commune Council In 48 Commune Of Svay Rieng, Kg. Cham And Kandal Provinces(NDI)
2011 Impact Evaluation Of NDI's Constituency Dialogue (Between The Commune Council And Villagers) Program In Cambodia(POP Council)
Cambodia Reproductive Health Voucher Evaluation Baseline(ADHOC)
Research On Case 002 Civil Parties At The Extraordinary Chamber In The Court Of Cambodia(Institute of Political Science of Academia Sinica)
Asia Barometer Survey Third Wave(UNDP)
2012 Mid-Line Study For Youth Multimedia Civic Education Initiative (Loy 9 Program)(UNC-CH)
Mental Health Affect Of KR Tribunal Third Wave(POP Council)
Cambodia Reproductive Health Voucher Evaluation (End line Study)(NDI)
Exit Evaluation Of Commune Council Candidate Debates During The 2012 Commune Council Elections Campaign In Ten Provinces(Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)
Training Enumerators For Local Democracy And Good Governance And Dissemination Workshop Of The Asia Barometer Survey Results(NDI)
Exit Evaluation Of Commune Council Candidate Debates During The 2012 Commune Council Elections Campaign In 20 Provinces Through Radio Program Broadcasting(HI)
2013 Satisfaction, Change In Quality Of Life And Barriers Survey(IRI)
Public Opinion Poll Number 9 (N=2000)(IRI)
Public Opinion Poll Number 10 (N=2000)(BBC Media Action)
BBC Media Action, Cap Survey On Youth Civic Participation And Media In Cambodia. (N=1800)(NDI)
2014 Sample Bases Observation For National Assembly Elections July 2013(Room to Read)
Evaluation Of The Library Program In Three Provinces(IRI)
Evaluation Of The Youth TV Program "Neak Banto Vean"(TIC Cambodia)