Project Services

CAS carries out socio-cultural and socio-economic policy oriented research. Its research projects address the growing needs and challenges Cambodia faces during a period of transition. A period of transition that involves a global exchange of technology, material culture, ideas and values. CAS examines the junction between 'Cambodian' and 'external' ideas, practices, philosophies and perspectives. Our approach emphasizes a regard for Cambodian social and cultural resources that can be mobilized to aid Cambodian development.

CAS has experience in the following types of research:

          • Socio-cultural qualitative studies
          • Survey evaluations
          • Quantitative studies
          • Attitude surveys
          • Ethnographic studies
          • Database assembly
          • Pre project needs assessment
          • Knowledge, attitudes, practices studies
          • Post project evaluation
          • Feasibility studies.

In the past few years CAS has conducted research for different national and international organizations on the following subjects:

          • Civil society, democracy, human rights, elections, good governance and conflict resolution
          • Public Opinion Poll
          • Health and health care, including STDs/ HIV/AIDS, and health seeking behavior
          • Gender issues, domestic violence and trafficking of women and children
          • Poverty identification
          • Research on ethnic minorities in Cambodia
          • Environment Impact Assessment and climate change